The Moonlighters’ Club: Entrepreneurs Living As Employees

Sometimes having a job just isn’t enough. Welcome to the Moonlighters' Club where we interview aspiring entrepreneurs who work full-time jobs. Our host, Joel Edwards, would spend his down time at work building a mobile app. He then realized he wasn't the only employee there with dreams that went beyond a 9-to-5. Join him as he discusses living on a steady diet of ambition and no sleep, with a new guest every month.
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Oct 19, 2021

Meet Jake Roundy.

Co-founder of the Couch Bandits,  a gaming publication that celebrates the creative magic of gaming.

Jake is a gamer and an editor. He's everything creative.

Why can't work just be work?


Oct 12, 2021

Nice guys don't finish last.

Meet Big Ty. A man with a lifetime of experience in the radio business. A career that has taken him from Boston, to Baltimore and to Pittsburgh.

He's been inside the corporate machine and eventually spread his own wings in the radio circuit. Now he's dropping knowledge with us.



Oct 4, 2021

The Moonlighters' Club has teamed up with The Boston Ujima Project and Ujima's Business Support Member Team to produce a new podcast: Yours, Mine, and Ours!

Yours, Mine, and Ours spotlights the businesses of Ujima's Good Business Alliance, created for the community, by the community, with a special emphasis on Ujima's good business standards.

In this episode, host Joel Edwards sits down with Cassandria Campbell, the Founder of Fresh Food Generation (@freshfoodgeneration), a Caribbean American farm-to-plate cafe. Fresh Food Generation believes everyone deserves to eat well, no matter where they live.

Take a listen to hear about Fresh Food Generation's journey, how they define impact, and how they work to create great jobs in our communities.

Sep 21, 2021

Shaun and Stephond are Moonlighter veterans. They personify everything that is good about this club.

We first interviewed both 4 years ago. Since then, Shaun relocated to Los Angeles. He's taking a break from standup to focus on acting and writing. He was making solid headway until COVID hit.

Stephond still makes music. He's also the creator of Somerfest, a premier, multi-genre event that occurs every year in the city of Somerville.

It's good to connect.

Sep 21, 2021

We're three episodes into the new season so I thought I would give an update. More interviews are on the way!

Sep 14, 2021

Meet Stephen Hopkins. Founder of part/Whole.

part/WHOLE is a design exploration.

"The name part/WHOLE comes from the general phrase, “part to whole relationship” that is commonly used in design and architecture. I see a part to whole relationship as a design intent or idea that supersedes both scale and discipline."

Steve is all things design. From architecture to fashion.

Quote of the day: "Work comes from work." 

Sep 7, 2021

Meet Shana Bryant. Founder of Shana Bryant Consulting.

"Providing constructive ideas to help entrepreneurs and corporations implement efficient, effective, and memorable practices." 

This is Shana's full-time occupation. Empowering her community and creating dope events.

Sep 2, 2021

Meet Alex Bennett, The founder of smoking statues.

"Smokin' Statues are two part ceramic figurines that hold an incense cone. The Head & Body design uses a penny to protect the piece of art as the incense cone burns inside, to spread the freshest smells."

Trade by Day: Solutions Consultant

Reading Suggestion: the Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation

Advice to Entrepreneurs: "Don't Stop."

Sep 1, 2021

We're Back.

Welcome to season three of the Moonlighters' Club.  I'm excited to be releasing new episodes and to ready grow this network out.

I'm just getting everyone caught up on what I've been up to. New city, new house, new job, new outlook.

It's good to be back.

Aug 12, 2020

Meet Tom. The founder of Stride for Stride.


Social entrepreneurship at its finest. Tom is an avid runner. In his own words: "The Falmouth Road Race was the first race I ever ran, and it changed my life. Not only did it help me become healthier, but it also reminded me that I can accomplish anything - to not quit when things get tough." ​Once he registered for his second race, he realized that races are expensive - really expensive - an expense that others couldn't afford; And that is the core mission of Stride for Stride. Stride's goal is to give everyone an equal opportunity to run.

There's no reason why money should prevent you from getting to the starting line, especially when crossing the finish line could change your life. 

Aug 5, 2020

Meet Chris Davis.

The founder of Genone Technologies. Chris graduated from MIT with a BS in chemical engineering. After working in a variety of roles from process engineering to product engineering, Chris decided to set out with a friend to start his own business. Enter GenOne Technologies. An engineering solutions firm which primarily helps small inventors bring life to their initial ideas/concepts.

GenOne focuses on helping companies develop new technologies, whether they be large established companies, early stage startups, or government agencies. Their primary focus is Internet-of-Things (IoT) development, bringing in a diverse set of skills to create robust prototypes and products. Chris and his team strive to help you create the most value for the smallest price tag. 

Jul 29, 2020

Meet Mark Breghaut.


Founder and CTO of Icebrkr. Mark's journey to founder is an interesting one. In grad school, he was on a PhD track for Marriage and Family Therapy. He focused his research on psychology, courtship and conflict in romantic relationships. After graduating, he became a teacher.

During his 3 years teaching, he taught himself frontend web development and design on the side. He then left to work at a web and mobile app development agency as a lead frontend developer and senior UX/UI designer. He combined his backgrounds in relationships and tech to form Icebrkr. Icebrkr is a dating app that utilizes a powerful machine learning AI chatbot that provides daters expert guidance on common pain points.


Jul 22, 2020

Meet Becky Pleat.

Founder of Protein Power Ball. Becky and her cofounder were two health-conscious pharmacists that were passionate about wellness and wanted a snack that was convenient, healthy, and tasted great! Being scientists at heart, they took matters into their own hands and began experimenting with healthy ingredients and superfoods from their own kitchen.

Enter Protein Powerball. The ideal snack – easy to eat on the go, healthy ingredients that leave you feeling energized and powerful, and a crave-worthy taste. 

Jul 15, 2020

Meet Kun Yang.

Kun is a pharmacist, entrepreneur, and aspiring brand-builder based out of Boston. MA. He is a pharmacist by day, and the co-founder and CEO of Pricklee by night. Never sure of what he wanted to "be" when he grew up, the inception of Pricklee has served as the single most creative pursuit he has ever been a part of, as well as the validation of fulfilling a bigger purpose in life by working for yourself to help others.

Pricklee is a health-focused beverage start-up that Kun founded with four other pharmacist moonlighters that he met in Boston in 2018. They make superfruit waters using real prickly pears, the nutritious fruit of the cactus. Packed with natural electrolytes, antioxidants, and liver detox agents, but low in sugar and calories, Pricklee Superfruit Water is both healthy and tasty - because you can have both.


Jul 8, 2020

Meet Val Bee.

Val is a Development and Event Professional and the Owner of L.I.R. Productions, a PR + Production Agency that specializes in marketing, brand management, and event production.

Val manages a global network of creative entrepreneurs & professionals where she helps connect creatives to opportunities that pay.

Val is a booking agent and has she sponsors two event series through her agency - the Small Biz Buffet hosted by Urban NYCHE Marketing and our very own Moonlighters' Club showcase.



Jul 1, 2020

Meet Ivy Watts.

A former student-athlete who graduated Summa Cum Laude and was a top 30 finalist for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award. During her collegiate career, Ivy struggled daily with anxiety, self-worth and depression.

After seeking help, Ivy now promotes mental wellness and reduces stigma around mental illness by sharing her story through public speaking and her blog, Beautifully Simply You.

Ivy empowers others to speak their truths, know that they are not alone, learn the beauty of self-love and find strength to keep fighting for their tomorrows.

Jun 24, 2020

Meet Jon and Leandro.

Originally from Arizona, They moved to Boston to pursue professional opportunities. Soon, they created the FLKR lighter, a lighter that doubles as a fidget device. 

Their mission is to enhance the traditional lighter experience, while breaking down to societal stigmas around the emerging Cannabis industry. Listen to them explain how it's possible to create and run a successful business with your best friend.

Make sure to check out their Kickstarter!!!!!!!!


May 27, 2020

I was able to unwind during the long weekend. When I wasn't grilling, I was working on the mockups for the email newsletter I'm building. Last week was a productive one. I hope to continue that this week while I work on my content calendar and social media content.

May 18, 2020

Last week sucked. I worked 60+ hours and spent no time building out this podcast.  This week I take my time back.   My update:


  • Almost ready to grill. Hit up Home Depot for char-wood and accessories.
  • HUGE order on savory spice
  • Hitting up Caribbean Crescent for meat


  • worked late every day and worked on the weekend. Fail.
  • Set boundaries.  Pushing back on ridiculous demands and clients


  • Finishing email template this week
  • Interviewed Anthony Dubose last week
May 11, 2020

Personal Updates

  • Craft Beer Cellar came through (franchise possibility)
  • Quarantine Afro
  • Bourbon Power Rankings
  • Almost Summer
  • Mothers day!

Work Updates

  • My day is one giant phone call
  • The beauty of working with resellers
  • For entrepreneurs, every job is an internship

Podcast Updates

  • Organizing my work schedule
  • Adding to the check-in video
  • New email newsletter (research then create)
  • HTML is a +
  • Content is key
May 8, 2020

This week, the spotlight is on Jonathan Huang and Andres Giraldo.

Former students of the entrepreneurship program at Suffolk University.  Jon and Andres learned the benefits of business ownership from their parents.

They're looking produce the same results for themselves.



May 4, 2020

Personal Updates

  • Debt's going down!
  • Closer to buying new equipment
  • Bourbon: Up to 16 bottles (Rowan's is still King)
  • Curiosity Stream
  • Almost Grill season

Work Updates

  • Caught up to my inbox
  • Working late while WFH
  • I hate Emails

Nugget of the week: Transparency

Podcast Update

  • New Episode: Alison Rogers
  • Using Later for IG
  • Process for publishing
  • Youtube and IG Strategy
  • Seeing Progress
  • Email redesign 
  • Virtual event


May 1, 2020

Our next spotlight focuses on Jamerson Vincent AKA DJ Nexus.

Systems admin by day DJ by night.  From DJing college parties to traveling the world.  We wanted to highlight his hard work and hustle.

Apr 27, 2020

Weekly Standup


  • Bourbon Update: up to 12 bottles. Favorite: Rowan's Creek
  • Risk With Friends
  • Prepping my grill for summer
  • We got toilet paper....Bamboo!


  • working overtime at home(sucks).
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Confidence is key

The Podcast

  • Enlightened Millenial podcast
  • Publish, publish publish
  • Social media strategy
  • New episode types
  • MLC network (new members + options)
  • Getting ready for sponsorships + partners
  • Focus on episode publishing and downloads
  • Digital Event w/hopin
  • Pop-up shop



Apr 24, 2020

A new Episode Format.  For the spotlight, we're going to feature a different entrepreneur by highlighting their hard work and successes.

Featured Moonlighter: Shaun Bedgood

Shaun is the co-founder of this podcast. He resides in LA now by way of Boston and Alabama.

When were doing the podcast together he was a campus police officer and stand-up comic.  He's now transitioning to acting through TV spots, commercials and plays.

Where to find him


@shaunbg on IG



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